The Teachers


Mandy Marshall is the owner & principal teacher of Yoga Balance.

She holds a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma of Yoga Teaching, a Certificate of Exercise Therapy & has undertaken many further studies in functional anatomy & applied physiology.†

Mandy is dedicated to making the benefits of yoga accessible to our mainstream lifestyles

& firmly believes in the demystification of yoga, embracing itís

continued adaptation to modern needs.†

Mandyís classes aim to improve functional mobility, strength & general well-being.†

They are laid-back and friendly, with emphasis on improving mobility,

stretching, strengthening & relaxation & breathing techniques.†

She has been teaching for 14 years in various settings including, yoga studios, community centres and gyms, now teaches exclusively at Yoga Balance.


Jen Quested is qualified to teach Sivananda Yoga, & holds an Advanced Diploma of Yoga

and a Masters of Yoga Certificate from the Australian Yoga Academy. 

She has a keen interest in yoga to suit the seasons, regulating chi

& using movement to balance meridian lines in order harmonize body & emotions. 

Jen teaches mild to average level flow classes & like all of our teachers,

her classes are multileveled & suitable for beginners as well as experienced students. 

Jenís gentle, friendly approach makes the yoga experience accessible for everyone.


Our Focus

At Yoga Balance emphasis is placed on benefit through stress relief,

personal awareness and gaining skills to manage the demands of everyday life.


The teachers at Yoga Balance seek to facilitate yoga in a manner that is widely

accessible for the great variety of people who attend our classes.

Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and develop their own balance

between the individual demands of their lives

and the techniques and tools learnt in class.


And in this manner find their own place and balance

between mind, body and spirit.



All Yoga Balance teachers hold full professional indemnity & public liability insurance.





The Studio


The studio is air conditioned & carpeted with a toilet/change-room.



†All mats, blankets & other props are provided.



There is an absolute maximum of 16 students per class to allow for

individual needs to be met.