The Yoga Balance Story

          Yoga Balance was born of a desire to create a comfortable, welcoming, relaxed space, where people could enjoy yoga regardless of their level of experience.

          My yoga journey began with a close friend convincing me to try a class, just 6 weeks after the birth of my son. I went along with many reservations about what I would find. Nervous about how ‘new age’ or ‘hippy’ or ‘weird’ it might be, I found myself in a class with people just like me and loved it from the very first week.

          After twelve months, I began a two year teacher training course and was asked to begin taking classes even before graduating (oops, a bit naughty!) My background in secondary school teaching and sales and publishing seemed to help me stay grounded and relate to my yoga clients and the everyday demands we all deal with. I decided not to return to my previous work but to teach yoga full time instead.

          After many, many classes taught in gyms and community centres, I wanted to create a permanent place with atmosphere and space that students could properly relax into and enjoy the benefits of yoga.  My mission statement, as written during my training, has changed very little - I wish to introduce the benefits of yoga to new people and bring it into mainstream lives. To make yoga fun and relaxed. To make a difference and have a positive effect in peoples’ lives - To do something real and useful.

          The name Yoga Balance reflects my own attitude to yoga. Balance in all things creates peace, happiness and harmony – hopefully! Balancing the demands of life, work and family with the help of yoga. I don’t pretend to be a guru or profess to have any answers and I am far from enlightened. I teach from where I’m at, no more, no less.

          During the fourteen years of business at Ferntree Gully, I have completed many more courses, retreats and studies, further refining my interests within yoga. My style is based in anatomy and movement because that is what I love. Feeling strong and relaxed and happy is what I want for everyone who comes here.

          Over these years Yoga Balance has had the privilege and benefit of many other fabulous teachers who bring their own style and substance to our studio. I am so proud and pleased with the range of experience and quality that we can now offer. 

          The studio would not be the same without our particular mix of beautiful, wonderful students who laugh at my jokes, tolerate my vagueness and keep showing up week after week. From a start of just 6 regular students to now around 130 every week, for them I am always grateful.

          My aim is to create an enjoyable experience. Simply to have you feeling better when you leave than you did when you arrived. 

                                   I hope that is what you find.

                                                               Mandy Marshall

                                                               Founder & Owner - Yoga Balance

 'My aim is to create an enjoyable experience. Simply to have you feeling better when you leave than you did when you arrived.'