Class Content

The style of Yoga


The Yoga Balance style is best described as a general hatha yoga class. 

We do not offer advanced classes.

Stretching and warm ups, breathing and relaxation are given equal standing to the traditional yoga postures and sequences. 

Classes are taught in a relaxed fluid manner, through pre-pose, pose and counter-pose. 

Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and work within their own comfort levels at all times, making the classes ideal for people new to yoga as well as those with more experience. 

Emphasis is placed on the process, the journey and the rewards discovered along the way rather than the achievement of esoteric ideals. Yoga is seen as a means of bringing balance to the challenges of today's lifestyles. 


The Classes

General: These 90 minute classes make up the bulk of our timetable & are suitable for most people, including beginners. They include postures for stretching, strengthening & mobility & breathing & relaxation techniques.

Stress Relief: A 60 minute, easy going class ideal for those who 

may be a bit nervous about trying yoga for the first time. 

Gentle & accessible, this class is a shorter, slightly easier version, of our general classes.

Stretch & flow: A 60 minute, early morning class with an emphasis on mobility, flexibility & release.  This class includes deep stretches & flowing sequences for a morning wake up.  With a shortened relaxation component, it's designed to enhance vitality & provide energy for the day.  Thurs. 7.15am only.



Core & Strength: A 45 minute class focusing on strengthening skeletal muscles and stabilizing joints. Using yoga techniques and fit-balls this class is recommended as an addition to your normal yoga class 

but can also be attended as a stand alone class. 

Relaxation is not included. Wed. 9.00am only.

The Programs

New programs are introduced regularly, usually within a broader focus for that particular term.

Term focus encompasses areas such as spinal mobility, breath awareness and core strength, to name a few. Most classes run for an hour and a half and conclude with a guided relaxation (usually the most eagerly anticipated part of class!!). 

Our Aim

Yoga Balance strives to create a 

non-competitive, enjoyable experience. 

We aim simply to have you feeling better when you leave, than you did when you arrived.


The Studio

The studio is air conditioned & carpeted with a toilet/change-room.

All mats, blankets & other props are provided.

There is an absolute maximum of 16 students per class to allow for 

individual needs to be met.