Fees/Specials - Term 1 2020


Mon. 3rd February - Sat. 28th march - 8 weeks

- No classes on Labour Day 9th March

90 minute classes

Functional Movement, Mild Flow & Classical

$128 for the 8 week term    

Casual attendance $20 per class

Note: Mon.  classes $112 due to Labour Day holiday  

60 minute classes

Stress Relief & Stretch & Move  

$120 for the 8 week term  

Casual attendance $18 per class 

45 minute classes

Core & Stability  

$56 for the 8 week term

Casual attendance $10 per class

Term Specials

Two Classes Per Week

Attending 2 classes per week:

Take $40 off the second class

Allows you to book in to two specific classes per week & have your place guaranteed.

(excludes Core & Strength class & the $10 Stretch & Move)

Unlimited Classes Per Week

  Attending Unlimited classes per week: 

$250 for the 8 week term.

Allows you to attend as many classes as you would like throughout the term. No bookings necessary.

Attending 3 times per means the class price is $10.40, 

4 times works out as $7.80 per class.

(Please note the make-up class policy is excluded from this offer.)

Casual & Permanent Students

  Casual students who have not

 pre-booked a place in class 

may not be guaranteed a spot.

Permanent students are entitled to make up missed classes at any time throughout the year, at any class on the timetable, provided a place is available & term fees are up to date.


Bookings are absolutely essential for all classes,

including casual attendances

Payment Options

Payment can be made on the first day of your attendance at class by either cash or cheque, or in advance via internet banking transfer. 

Details available on request.